InnoRel's Data Monitoring Systems

To maximize the returns from off-grid or grid connected plant, it’s important to know the health of all the components by monitoring its vital parameters. InnoRel Systems’ data monitoring solutions not only monitor panel and/or string parameters but also monitor Inverter and battery parameters. This will help predicting the energy generation, operation and maintenance of plant to get maximum returns on investment.

The monitoring network has InnoRel’s proprietary RF link, integrated with the sensor which would communicate to the Gateway module. Gateway communicates this data to user either via GSM/ Wi-Fi or Ethernet. This data can then be viewed and analyzed using InnoRel’s analytic module. The InnoRel’s proprietary network has scalable architecture with a required data security.

Implementation of InnoRel’s data monitoring systems helps in a great way for O & M functions. Maintenance frequency of the plant can be scheduled based on this data.

Key Features

  • Easy to install
  • Monitoring vital parameters of on-grid or off-grid systems
  • Remote control system capabilities
  • Gateway to upload data to cloud
  • User friendly web interface with analytic options
  • Instant SMS feature in case of failures or shading
  • Regular Email reports
  • Scalable architecture to add more sensors in future

Wireless Network

  • ISM Band local mesh network to relay data to a Gateway
  • Scalable architecture and supports up to 500 Nodes for one Gateway
  • Self-forming, self-healing and self-optimizing mesh network for reliable data transfer
  • AES 128 encryption for data security
  • Gateway with GSM/Ethernet/WiFi interfaces to upload data to cloud

Web Interface

  • Easy to use Web/App based remote monitoring software for data analysis
  • Charts showing power generated over time for panel level, string level and inverter level
  • Birds eye view of the solar plant with colour coding to identify under performing panels
  • Real time SMS alerts in case of shading and failures
  • Configurable Email reports at regular intervals
  • Data Analysis with ability to forecast the plant power generation