About Us

InnoRel Systems is a technology start-up company incorporated in July 2013 by founders having experience in Analog and power electronics. With a management team of almost 100yrs of cumulative experience in analog and power electronics, Photovoltaics, software development and electronic product development, InnoRel is set to deliver Innovative and Reliable power electronics products catering to energy sector such as solar and lighting.

InnoRel offers cost competitive, reliable products with host of innovative features for solar and lighting industry. This not only make

InnoRel products attractive but also gives an edge over competition. Excellent technical support from highly accomplished technical teams, before and after sales helps to deploy InnoRel products seamlessly into existing as well as upcoming solar and lighting installations. InnoRel continuously work with all major certification and reliability testing labs across the globe to ensure that its products have all the reliability and safety features as per the standards of that specific country or region.

InnoRel has strong IP portfolio. InnoRel has filed four patents since the inception and 3 are in progress.

If you have any questions on how panel and string optimizers are beneficial to overall increase the energy generation, if you are not sure how to address the soiling issues of your PV installations and decide on cleaning frequency, if you wish to know how to choose right kind of LED driver for your applications, you can always contact our team of experts to get these issues addressed. Please email your questions or concerns to; support@innorelsystems.com and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Management Team

Prakash Easwaran, CEO

Co founder & CEO of InnoRel Systems Pvt. Ltd . He was earlier CTO of Cosmic Circuits which was acquired by Cadence. Hold more than 25 patents to his name & 20+ year of experience in analog & power management.
Email: prakash@innorelsystems.com

Nagaraj Azhakesan, COO

Co founder & COO of InnoRel Systems Pvt. Ltd . He was earlier VP Finance of Cosmic Circuits which was acquired by Cadence. Enriched with 23+ years of experience in program management , finance & operations.
Email: nagaraj@innorelsystems.com

Prakash Suratkar, CTO

CTO & a member of the management team at InnoRel systems. An experienced professional in semi conductor & solar space with more than 25 years of experience in the industry. Authored more than 25 publications & credited with 2 patents
Email: prakash.suratkar@innorelsystems.com

Saumitra S, VP Engineering

VP Engineering & a member of management team at Innorel Systems. Credited with 7 patents to his name besides 9+ years of experience in power electronics.
Email: saumitra@innorelsystems.com